Johanna Jellici - voice, synth & electronic soundscapes,

tuning forks, lyrics

Jochen Baldes - ts, ss, composition

Franz Hellmüller -g

Rafael Jerjen - b

Samuel Büttiker - d


CD "The Journey" out now 

Jellici Baldes Spacetracker

feat. Nils Wogram tb

Unit Records, 2019, coproduction SRF II

artwork: Joseph Callioni

Jellici Baldes Spacetracker – The Journey At once wondrously experimental and capable of swinging with a vitality, lyricism and uplift that is positively infectious, Jellici Baldes Spacetracker strikes some audacious, unchartered territory on their new album The Journey. An accomplished group of players steeped in the jazz tradition, the members of this intrepid Swiss quintet also feel equally comfortable operating on the fringes, dealing in ambient washes, electronic soundscapes and sonic realms that go well beyond the notes. Both worlds come together in organic fashion on this stirring new Unit Records release. Blending their respective sounds and aesthetics together with their Spacetracker bandmates on The Journey has yielded some fresh, wholly unexpected and ultimately delightful results. This drum-less quintet traverses an inside-outside aesthetic like no other band. — Bill Milkowski


Bill Milkowski is a longtime contributor to Downbeat magazine

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